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One common biblical character people often refer to when it comes to doubting is Gideon. While we might say Gideon was very doubtful of what God told him to do and what God was gonna do through him, we often do the same thing to God today. 

Just like us, Gideon also had doubts and uncertainty we can say contributes to the same thing we deal with which is our fallen nature as man and the challenging circumstances we face day to day. 

Quick summary on Gideon: Gideon is known for his role in leading the Israelites against the Midianites, as described in the Book of Judges, Chapters 6 to 8. Despite him requesting three signs back to back from God because of the challenges ahead of him he would have to take on, Gideon ended up ultimately becoming a strong leader and symbol of faith. 

I'm do a comparison of why Gideon doubted during the time of Judges and how this relates to the same concept we as believers may go through in today's day and age. 

*Cultural Context*

Gideon: The Israelites were going through a difficult period marked by oppression and conflict with neighboring nations. Gideon was living in a time of Great uncertainty and adversity, which could have led him to doubt whether God was truly with them. 

US: In the times we are living in now the Christians are the most persecuted faith out there. As it seems that Christianity has become a mockery in every industry, religion, and culture today we often may ask ourselves the same thing doubting if God is really with us, especially when it comes to sharing your faith with others.

*Personal Insecurity*

Gideon: Gideon referred to himself as the least in his family and from the weakest clan. He saw himself as inadequate and probably doubted his own abilities to lead and achieve victory.

US: Often we may think of ourselves as who we used to be or be identified by our past. We then carry this insecurity of who we used to be rather than who God says that I am, making us feel inadequate or unqualified to be used by God to great measure.

*Request for Signs*

Gideon: Gideon famously asked for multiple signs from God to confirm His presence and guidance. While these signs demonstrated God's patience and willingness to reassure Gideon, they also indicated Gideon's struggle to fully trust and believe without tangible evidence.

US: When it comes to sharing our faith with someone we may even ask God to show us a sign I need to talk to that person, or have that person come up to me or God do this or that, and I'll go share Jesus with them. Rather than just stepping out in faith without needing hundreds of signs from God to confirm something he already spoke for us to do.

*Fear of Failure*

Gideon: Gideon's doubts might have been rooted in a fear of failure. The task of leading the Israelites against the Midianites was daunting, and he may have been afraid of the consequences if he were to fail.

US: Believers tend to have this doubt that is deeply rooted in the fear of what people may say or do or how they would respond. This doubt will cause one to think more of the repercussions of sharing their faith rather the transforming work God will do through the people we witness to.  

*Lack of Experience*

Gideon: Gideon was not a seasoned leader or warrior. His lack of experience in such a significant role could have contributed to his doubts about his own abilities and God's plan.

US: "I'm not a seasoned Christian," this thought of doubt can stop someone from sharing the Gospel as they don't have experience enough in the word to share their faith or don't know scripture like that or how to respond back to people's questions. These all can contribute to one doubting God's ability by the power of the Holy Spirit to give them insight on what needs to be spoken that second to that specific individual, thus limiting what God can do through us as an "unseasoned Christian".


Gideon: Despite Gideon's initial doubts, Gideon eventually obeyed God's call and led the Israelites to a remarkable victory over the Midanites. His story serves as a reminder that doubt is a part of the fallen nature of man, but it can be overcome through faith and obedience. 

You: Despite your initial doubts. God is able to do more through you and in you than you could wrap your mind around. Your ability to step out by faith and obey what God is telling you despite having any of these doubts will also become a story to others of how there life got transformed because someone shared about Jesus with them and a testimony that will serve as a great encouragement to the body of Christ. 

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